Further innovations for KX250F in 2018, and new C&G for 2018 KX range

Kawasaki has just unveiled its eagerly awaited 2018 model year MX2 class racing machine with a host of changes for the coming season, and it's the most technically advanced yet. 

Revisions to the front fork components and settings are joined by adjustments at the rear for better all-round bump absorption and suspension action.And action is certainly at the top of the agenda in terms of engine updates. With reduced lap times as the ultimate goal – as well as more emphasis on holeshot acceleration out of the start gate – the new KX250F sees changes to the fuel injection function, the engineering of the inlet area and a new approach to the exhaust system.

Along with revised Fi settings, the fuel pump pressure is increased for the new season and the injector mounting angle is shallower. In terms of the inlet tract itself, this is reshaped and there is a shorter intake funnel. To complete the picture, the inlet timing is now slightly more advanced than previous models. This matched to a lower compression ratio at 13.4:1 and creates more power and torque over the current machine.   Contributing to the dual benefits of extra power and torque is a re-shaped exhaust that is both longer and wider as it exits the cylinder head and travels towards the silencer. The result? Better bottom end and mid-range, improved power feeling across the entire rev range and smoother power engagement effectively making the high RPM range even easier to use.

Focussing on the holeshot advantage, smooth, easy power and torque plus innovative upgrades, the new 2018 KX250F boldly starts as it means to go on, as quarter litre first choice in MX.

Also updated for 2018, the entire range of Kawasaki competition off-roaders receive a graphic update, from the kids favourite KX65 all the way to the electric start KLX450R Enduro.As the ideal “first ever MX machine”, the KX65 has a new graphic upgrade for the coming season alongside the KLX110 which has proved to be an ideal machine on which to acquire off-road skills under the tutelage of an experienced adult before riding free.

Both the KX85 small wheel and big wheel get the same graphic refresh meaning that – along with the adult racer KX250F and KX450F, the 2018 off-road range is sure to make lime green fans sit up and notice.  

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