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The Off Road School

Never Ridden Before? always wanted to?

Well at LDR Training Facility now you can. We have a full range of the latest Kawasaki off road machinery from 65cc all the way up to 450cc bikes including the KLX range of training and enduro bikes and protective clothing. Ages 8 upwards and no bike license needed.

We do introduction to off road taster sessions of 2 hours of which we will teach you basic knowledge of an off road bike and also basic riding techniques.

We also teach road bike riders, off road skills of which can be translated onto the road. Being aware of the pot holes, roundabouts, drains, uneven surfaces and slippery surfaces. Without forgetting those fast stopping cars at junctions that we need to slow down excessively for. Being confident in knowing how to control your bike is always a bonus in all situations.

Motocross is also now a recognised GCSE study. It can be taken as part of your choices programme in PE. Currently this is a new project that needs to be decided for all students wanting to learn MX. Students can have no previous experience. All choices must be submitted before April 2015 to your schools.

LDR Race School

The LDR Race School is for male and females who have an interest in motorbikes. It's fun friendly and highly rewarding for complete beginners all the way up to Championship winners. Riders will need their own equipment (this can also be hired from LDR subjected to availability) swell as food and fuel for the day. The days consist of 1-1 up to small groups of similar abilities and ages.

The locations of these days can vary, they can be nationally at different circuits or at the LDR Training Facility in Gloucestershire or could even be at your own private track. This is something that needs to be arranged in advance with Lee Dunham.

Separate Automatic 50cc days (1-1 and grouped are available)

For an up to date list of training dates please email lee at

• Preparation
• Safety and Control
• Technique and Positioning
• Awareness of the circuit / Reading the Circuit (line choices)

If you take time and focus on these areas, your confidence will increase along with your speed.

You may be an established experienced rider wanting to take it to the next level or you're a novice wanting to learn how to learn how to ride an off road bike correctly and safety. Either way, Lee Dunham has the knowledge and a wealth of experience to guide you to success.

The day starts at 9:30am with a track walk to focus on awareness of the circuit. We then go into technical aspects depending the group's ability and needs. Some of these areas could include, lever and throttle control, technique, reading the circuit, line choices, bike set up and bike control, attitude, concentration, enjoyment, race starts, jumping and cornering. The day finishes at 3:30pm, from here not only will you have a fantastic sense of achievement but also we will all reflect on a day under the coaching of Lee Dunham.

Lee is also an A.C.U qualified motocross coach. The Team Green Motocross Coach. Kawasaki UK Coach. Maxxis Tyres Race School Partner

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